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Download Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow .CSO Game for PSP Android

Syphon Filter logan's shadow ppsspp

Download Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow PSP iso Gaming Rom for PSP Support Devices. Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is a third-person shooter stealth video game developed by SCE Bend Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2. The game's story was written by Greg Rucka and its music composed by Azam Ali.[3] Being the sixth game in the series, it is the follow-up to Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.

Gameplay of Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

Logan's Shadow is played from a third-person perspective. With the Havok physics, enemies and objects will react realistically to gunfire and other means of interaction.

Logan's Shadow features weapons and gameplay mechanics. These include additions to the cover system such as side-to-side movement, leaning, and blind fire around obstacles and corners, an advanced melee system that allows Gabe to use enemies as human shields, underwater combat, and the ability to command other characters.

When the al-Jamil terrorist group attacks the USS Mt St Helens, the National Intelligence Oversight Committee must rely on the Agency to secure the classified material within a cargo hold before the antagonists acquire it. NIOC Director Robert Cordell convinces Gabe Logan that he is their only option, but Teresa Lipan counters that this is an assignment outside of Agency jurisdiction. Gabe agrees to go anyway, for a chance at stopping terrorist leader Ghassan al-Bitar, a Syrian he almost caught a year ago.

With his partner Lian Xing on vacation in Cyprus, Gabe flies to the Indian Ocean where a clan of Somali pirates called the Warsingala Protectors have invaded the ship. Bitar is leading them, and Gabe suspects this assault involves more than simply pirating. Intercepting Spec Ops communications, pilot Alima Haddad warns Gabe that Cordell did not tell him everything, and Logan realises the contents of Hold Five, a secret even to the Navy, are Bitar's primary target.

Establishing a link to the St Helens' communications dish, Alima attempts to extract Logan, but her helicopter is shot down. Gabe rushes to rescue her but she dies. Motivated to stop the Warsingala, he destroys several pirate boats carrying stolen goods from the St Helens and re-enters the ship via the damaged main hull. However, Bitar has already stolen the cargo inside Hold Five, which NIOC couriers ship.

Multiplayer Suppport On Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

Players can now play as new factions in five game modes, two of which are new to the franchise. The new modes revealed are Sabotage and Retrieval. Sabotage pits two teams against each other as they try to locate bomb codes and arm the other team's nuclear warhead and guard it to prevent them from disarming their bomb until the timer runs out, while Retrieval has players trying to retrieve a beacon from the enemy's base and return it to their own base to score a point. Returning modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Rogue Agent.



  • Install PPSSPP APK
  • Open PPSSPP and Search SYPHON FILTER LOGAN'S SHADOW PSP ISO Rom and select and Play.

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BBM DOMO STYLE V Apk Terbaru Gratis

Sobat kali ini saya ingi berbagi informasi tentang BBM DOMO STYLE V Apk, dengan tampilan menarik, keren, unik dan bagus, dari pada sobat semuanya penasaran yuk langsung Download aja. 

Fitur : 

  • Move To so Card
  • List Anim View
  • Change Clor 
  • Full/ Crop DPEnter Key 
  • Auto Text
  • Block Read Status
  • Load Font 
  • Private Mode 
  • Rounded DP
  • Reload Buton
  • FB UI

Credit :

  • Dhian Rusdiana
  • Ramsi
  • Yoyock
  • All Member
  • Buat para mastah yang belum di sebut maaf ya ....

Download BBM DOMO STYLE V Apk ( Not Clone ) | Download disini 
Download BBM DOMO STYLE V Apk ( Clone ) | Download disini 

Demikian informasi dari saya tentang BBM DOMO STYLE V Apk, dan jangan lupa tunggu kabar terbaru tentang BBM MOD di DANISGOZALI.BLOGSPOT.COM. Terima Kasih 

BBM BEGAL SIMPLE BLUE,S Clone V Apk Terbaru Gratis


Sobat kali ini saya ingin berbagi informasi tentang BBM BEGAL SIMPLE BLUE,S Clone V Apk, dengan fitur terbaru keren dan bagus, dari pada sobat semuanya penasaran yuk langsung Download aja. 

Fitur : 
  • Load font
  • Caghe runing text color
  • Enterkey
  • Full dp
  • Slide layout cover
  • Animasi greget 
  • Custom ping
  • And more
  • Thank to+credit
  • Om.Anca Imut
  • Om.Dhian Rusdhiana
  • Om.Rahman ramsi
  • Om.Azhar Rivaldi
  • Om.yoyocx
  • Om.Ciben Doank
  • Om.Bani Hasyim
  • And more

Credit and Thanks Team Begal 
  • om.Rog ary XC (susah di tag)
  • Om.miftha hry
  • Om.arya(ARZ)
  • Om.GG
  • Om.ciben
  • Om.bani
  • Om.acep renaldi
  • Om.teguh ari wibowo
  • Om.revaldo pratama
  • Om.RR
  • And more
  • Link :100+ bru di up
  • Dont minor link
  • Dont share link to coment
  • Maaf bagi para mastah yang belum di sebutin ....

Download BBM BEGAL SIMPLE BLUE,S Clone V Apk | Download disini 
Mod Oleh : Fendi Hackdocger?

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Download Dungeon Hunter 5 Android (Apk+Data) Free Game


Dungeon hunter  5 is the legendary Dungeon Hunter series Game and returns with the roar of a dragon! Play Dungeon Hunter 5 the most intense hack 'n' slash game ever on mobile that will pull you deep into its fantasy world.

After stopping the demon invasion in the Kingdom of Valenthia, the world remains shattered - crumbling at its very core. Only the warriors of the Bounty Hunter guilds keep the peace now. And only the sword of one of their leaders can cast the monsters back into the darkness so we can rebuild.

Single-Player Campaign

With your guild, embark on a journey of vengeance as a spirit-imbued hero, sword in hand. You�ll travel through five monster-filled realms and become the most notorious warrior and hunter of them all.

Cooperative Gameplay

Hire your friends or other players as hired swords to help you on your fantasy adventure full of vile demons, brave warriors, and fearsome dragons.

Asynchronous Multiplayer

In Dungeon Hunter 5 Customize your Guild Stronghold with a large variety of monster minions, manage and defend it, and slash your way through opponent Strongholds to ravage their loot.

Craft your own gear with no restrictions

Fuse and evolve up to 46 pieces of armor and 150 swords, axes, and more, to become the ultimate Bounty Hunter, slay the mightiest dragon, and bring honor to your guild!

 Five Elements to master

Strategically equip weapons, spells and armor from 5 elemental types � Water, Fire, Light, Nature and Dark � for a powerful advantage against any monster, demon or dragon.

Daily and Weekly Events 

The Daily Dungeon rewards your demon hunter skills with unique materials to evolve and fuse your gear. Or become the top warrior on the Weekly Wanted Challenge leaderboard for the ultimate rewards.

 Unrivaled Hack 'n' Slash Action

Discover the revamped controls and animation, bringing your warrior skills to life so you can see even more satisfying monster and demon kills at the end of your sword.

- Superior Graphics

Highly detailed, AAA graphics provide the most stunning fantasy gameplay experience possible on a mobile game.
This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of hack 'n' slash, action RPGs, dark fantasy games, multiplayer and free adventure games.
If you are one of them, get the game now for free!


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Download Lord Of Arcana Android PSP (ISO+CSO) Free Gaming Rom


Lord of Arcana is an action game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP+PPSSPP), developed by Access Games and published by Square Enix. A sequel to the game, titled Lord of Apocalypse (???�??�?????? Rodo obu Apokaripusu?), was released on December 17, 2011 for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable.[

Lord Of Arcana Gameplay

Lord of Arcana is an action game that allows up to four players to fight monsters and demons, some of which make cameo appearances from other Square Enix games. The gameplay is very close to the Monster Hunter, God Eater, and Phantasy Star Portable series, but this time with cinematic kills and mini-games. Players also have the ability to summon monsters to aid them in battle. Players can also use magic to inflict damage on the enemy (e.g. Fire, Light, etc.)

ALSO SEE :- Assassins Creed Bloodlines Android PSP (ISO+CSO) Gaming Rom Free Download

Lord of Arcana takes place in a world called Horodyn, named after the land's first king. Somewhere in Horodyn lies an ancient stone known only as "Arcana", which apparently holds great magical power. Unfortunately, as well as humans, the world is home to many great and powerful monsters and beasts, which are fought by warriors known as Slayers who seek Arcana.

The monsters featured in Lord of Arcana are designed by many artists from around the world. Hitoshi Sakimoto served as the game's sound producer, with the score being composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Kenichiro Fukui, and Satoshi Henmi.


How To Play

  • Install PPSSPP APK
  • Then Download Lord Of Arcana PSP ISO Rom.
  • Open PPSSPP and Search Lord Of Arcana PSP ISO Rom and select and Play.

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Skin RF Topeng Anonymous Bellato Only

Link File : Download

Terima kasih telah berkunjung

Sumber : Saif

Skin RF Terbaru

Oke kali ini akan saya share skin buatan teman saya ,

Skin Armor Palmas :

Skin Isis :

Sumber : Saif Admin SKIN

Foto nya :

Bot CoC Untuk Bluestacks Update

Link Download: ( short ke dropbox, bukan link receh )
Versi 1.1 - Bot CoC for Bluestacks  Size: 86.98 Mb
isi file rar: Bot Coc + Bahan pendukung + Tutorial text & video ,
Versi 1.2 - Bot CoC for Bluestacks  Size: 11.54 Mb
isi file rar: cuma Bot CoC + Bahan pendukung..
untuk Video tutorial V 1.2 silahkan cek di
Update: LG - BOT COC v3  Size: 12.35 Mb
isi file rar: Bot Coc + Autoit.

New Release : LG - BOT COC v4 Size: 1.25Mb

Update Fix : Location Barack.

Versi 1.1

Versi 1.2

Versi 3 LG - BOT COC :)

 Tutorial BOT COC - by. Leeyonk Gabenk

1. Syarat pertama,Komp/laptop anda sudah terinstall Bluestack (Root) + COC

2. Extrak FreeBOT.
    lalu Install Autoit-v3-setup.exe  *Tersedia di dalam folder.

3. Atur Resolusi Layar Bluestack anda dengan Ukuran : 860x720    *dalam folder


4. Setelah itu masuk ke folder: Bot COC 1.0.1

5. Klik kanan pada: COC Bot.au3  > Compile Script (x86) .tunggu sebentar.

6. maka akan ada Aplikasi Bot COC kemudian> Klik kanan > Run Administrator.

Silahkan di Gunakan (~__~)*

Nb: jika di mintai id&password
id : freebot
pass  : freebot

7. Setting :
    * Army Camp, Barrack , Townhall , Clan Castil di tab: Misc
    * Lainnya silahkan otak-atik sendiri.

8. Hasil Raiding bisa di lihat pada folder Loots

thanks to: Leeyonk Gabenk

Aman Atau Tidak ?
Kebanned atau tidak ??

100% TIDAK karna sudah di gunakan dengan saya sendiri 2 bulan lebih :D

Cara Dual Login RF Online / Private Server

Karena Banyak Yang Meminta Cara Dual Login RF Online Saya akan share ,

Silahkan di coba :)

Wajib Download :

Catatan: Nonaktifkan Anti-virus Anda. 

langkah-langkah dual login : 

1.) Gunakan Hidetoolz klik kanan kemudian menambahkan path. Tambah folder RF contoh Anda:

SS :

2.) Pergi ke Control Panel> User Account> Create Account> kemudian mengatur username dan password. 

3.) Login RF Nya. Ada seperti kesalahan hanya terus masuk. 

Catatan: Kesalahan adalah pada klien pertama hanya saat Anda menyembunyikan RF Folder di Hidetoolz tersebut. 

4.) Sunting Hidetoolz kemudian klik kanan path dan klik menghapus path.

SS : 

5.) Klik kanan RF Launcher dan klik Run As kemudian login di akun yang Anda buat di account pengguna.

SS : 

6.) RF launcher Mulai kemudian login RF Nya.